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Q- What are Mopar Authentic Restoration parts?

A- The Mopar Authentic Restoration program is a program that FCA/Mopar does where parts no longer available through the dealer, are reproduced. These parts follow a very strict quality and design criteria and are inspected by Mopar engineering to ensure the parts are identical to the parts that were once dealer available.


Q- How long does it take my order to ship?

A- If it is an item in stock, it normally ships within a few days. If it is a pre order item, it is based on when the item has passed all of it’s audits with Mopar, and is then stocked and cleared to ship.


Q- What is shipping cost?

A- Shipping cost for a part will be calculated at checkout once the software calculates how many boxes your order can be packed into.


Q- Where are 1st Gen Industries parts manufactured?

A- We tool and manufacture our parts in Canada and the USA, just like the original factory parts on your 1st Gen.


Q- What currencies do you accept?

A- By choosing the Canadian or American flag in the upper left of the site, you can choose to shop in either USD or CAD.