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“The amount of fun being had at any point in time, is directly proportional to the amount of fuel being burned” – John K.

Welcome to 1st Gen Industries! We specialize in parts for 1981-1993 Dodge Ram pickups and Ramchargers, with our specialty being 1989-1993 Cummins Diesel trucks.

1st Gen Industries, unlike many stores, doesn’t just sell parts. We actually manufacture them, right here in North America. Even better, we actually use them on our own trucks – and have for close to 20 years! As such, we have left comments on most parts with a description of how accurate the part is and how it will fit your truck. Not all parts are created equal. That is why sometimes parts you buy online seem so cheap: because they are made offshore and won’t have a good life expectancy. We have also been the unfortunate people to have bought those cheap parts, and not been able to use them. As such, you won’t find those parts on our site. If we know they won’t work and we wouldn’t put them on our own trucks, we won’t sell them to you for your truck! We believe deeply that 1st Gens deserve to be restored correctly the first time, with quality parts.


Featured Products

1981-1993 Dodge Ram Branded Rubber Floor Mats