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Interior Trim – Above Windshield Mopar PN #534



Lets face it, our trucks are over 30 years old now. The plastic trim that holds the headliner up, has been exposed to 30 years of UV exposure that dries out the plastic, super hot summers that makes the plastic hot and then brittle, and then we come along and look at it the wrong way, and it breaks. Before you know it, your interior looks horrible with cracked trim everywhere.

We are please to have spent the last 24 months working on reintroducing this trim with Mopar Restoration! These trim pieces are made the exact same way the originals were in a full size plastic injection machine. These are not cheap imitations of the originals. These are virtually identical to the originals, and Mopar certified! These use the same ABS material (plus a lot more UV inhibitor so these last longer!) and do NOT require paint to match your interior! They are naturally colored like the originals! That means if you scratch it, the same color is still there. its not like paint that comes off the top and leaves a different color.

To keep with the full originality of these trim pieces, these are tooled with US steel, and these were then run in Canada just like the originals. These also feature the correct original texture.


***PLEASE NOTE: The color has been matched to original Mopar trim not exposed to sunlight! As plastic ages in the sun, the colors tend to darken or lighten depending on the color. The trim may not match 100% with the 30 year old trim in your truck but will match new NOS trim still in original packaging!***

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