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1981-1993 Dodge Ram Branded Rubber Floor Mats



Deposit : $75.00 Per item

No, your eyes are not lying to you! These super rare hard to find Mopar accessory floor mats from the 1980s are finally available again!

These mats are made of heavy weight rubber just as the originals were. Painstakingly reproduced off the original mold design, these mats look identical to the originals, minus the lack of 30 years of dirt and fading!

As an added bonus, these mats feature the never officially launched revision design that includes the spikes on the back of the mat to prevent sliding around in the floor well and jamming up under the pedals. The Dakota and B van got the spike nibs but the Ram carpet was discontinued before they became available.

Available in Blue, Bordeaux (dark red 1986-1990), tan, Crimson (light red 1981-1986, 1991-1993), black, and grey.

Due to the amount of colors and flooring options, we will be manufacturing these to order. If you want to ensure you get a set, you will need to place the order to reserve your set of mats!




*** Please note this is a pre order and shipping will be roughly the last week of May. We have a minimum run PER COLOR that we are required to do and we want to make sure we have enough time to get everyones order in. If the minimum for that color is not reached, you will be contacted to select a different color or to cancel your order***