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1981-1993 Dodge Ram Cold Weather Front Cover Kit


Made In Canada!

In stock

For much of the USA and Canada, winter is a reality. Cold temperatures mean lack of heat inside the truck, and longer times to get your engine up to temperature. Using a cold weather front, allows you to control the speed of warmup of your truck. By blocking the cold air to your radiator, this will help your truck warm up quicker, and will also protect your grill, rad, and intercooler, from salt spray! By using the two “windows” on the cover, you can control how much air your radiator gets.

These cold weather covers will fit 1981-1993 gas, non intercooled, and intercooled trucks. Install with the stick on studs included with the cover, and you don’t have to even drill into your grill to mount the cover. These studs are like the screw on snaps, but with 3m VHB adhesive so you don’t need a fastener. If at one point you decide to no longer use the cover, the sticky studs can be removed without a trace! Made of heavy duty quilted vinyl like the grill covers on class 8 trucks, these covers are made in North America, not China!! If you are looking for a quality cover, look no further.

Kit includes:

  • Cold weather cover
  • Bug screen (Will interchange with the cold weather front using the same stick ons! No need for more!)
  • Sticky studs
  • Permanent studs
  • Alcohol wipe for sticky stud install