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1990-1993 350 Dually Marker Lights – Clear with Amber Bulbs


1990-93 350 Dually Marker Lights – Clear

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1990-1993 350 Dually Marker Lights Black Mounting Base - Mopar Reproduction PN 56003336 +$4.00

If you are running clear cab lights on your truck, you may as well do clear lights on your fender and tailgate!

These are the lights that go on the tailgate, and dually fenders on dually pickups. They are incandescent bulbs, just as the original ones were on your truck.

The factory used 2 amber lenses on the front of the dually fenders, and 2 red lenses on the rear. There was also 5 lenses on the bottom of the dually tailgates.

Don’t forget to order the black mounting base if you need them.

Lenses sold individually.

**Please note running clear marker lights on your truck may not be legal in all areas of the country**

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