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Clear Cab Light Lenses – Set of 5



194 Amber LED Light Bulbs (6 pieces) +$38.00

1974-1993 Dodge Truck Cab Light Gaskets +$25.00

If you are just looking for the clear lenses to give your truck the clear look, but already have good housings on your truck, this is what you need! The set comes with 5 clear lenses, and unlike other aftermarket companies, these have the correct Chrysler pentastar logo on them.

Be sure to grab new gaskets if changing your lenses. Old gaskets will not seal once they have been disturbed after many years of being crushed, and water leaks rot out 1st Gen roofs!


***Please note, clear bulbs are not legal in all areas when using them in conjunction with a clear lens! Please ensure your state laws allow use of clear lens and clear bulb! You may need to pick up amber bulbs to be legal in your area!***