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Mopar 1990 Dodge Ram Factory Service Manuals – Body and Diesel Supplement 2 Book Set


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When our beloved trucks were new, the engineers at Dodge who designed our trucks, created a how to manual for dealer technicians on how to repair anything that went wrong on our trucks. These books are known as service manuals. These manuals cover every parts of the truck from driveline, to HVAC system, wiring diagrams, to even how to disassemble a door. While a few aftermarket companies have made similar service manuals, none of them covered the same details as the Factory Service Manual.

Many people have been fortunate over the years to get a used dealer manual to help assist the repairs or restoration of their truck. As the years have gone by though, clean copies without missing pages have become harder to find.

That has all changed now withe help of Mopar Authentic Restoration products allowing reprints to be done. These fully licensed manuals are identical reprints to the original manuals and cover the same information, right down to the Chrysler logos.

For the Cummins diesel trucks, Dodge did a separate book dedicated to the changes the gas trucks got in production. Included are both manuals.

These manuals cover 2wd and 4wd trucks from Ramcharger, 150s, 250s, and 350s.