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Roof Clearance Lights To Dashboard Wiring Harness


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If your 1st Gen came from the factory without factory roof lights, then this is the harness that you will need to be able to add them! Ironically Mopar never sold this harness on its own meaning if you wanted to get a set of factory roof lights installed, you would have had to grab this harness from a wrecking yard! But thankfully, that is no longer the case. This harness connects all five roof lights, to the factory wiring harness port in the dashboard. The addition of this harness prevents you from having to cut, hack, or solder into your wires. This is a plug and play harness, and is a exact reproduction of the original harness once offered by Mopar.

One harness required per vehicle. To further explain where this harness goes, see the highlighted area in the following schematic:


Original Mopar PN: 4362152

Accuracy: 5 of 5!