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Towing and Payload Information

Every year of Dodge Truck has a specific tow and payload rating, based on vehicle options. These tow ratings, tell the vehicle owner what is the maximum safe load their truck was designed for. A max weight is a complex calculation that takes into account:

  • Engine cooling (the heavier a engine works, the more cooling needed)
  • Transmission cooling
  • Suspension spring strength
  • Braking ability (have to stop that load!)
  • Handling (here comes that corner!)
  • Tire capability
  • Bearing capability (to support the load)
  • Engine rpm for max fan CFM (this is why transmission options and rear gearing change the capacities)

All of these factors work into a complex formula to determine the max operating weight of your truck. At the end of the day though, the weight rating is based on the weakest link be it the tire capacity, spring capacity, etc. This is essentially all a 150, 250, and 350 designation is. A 350 has all of the above items upgraded over a 150, to handle more cargo weight. Adding trim to a vehicle, extra seats, more options, etc all therefore reduce the weight capacity of a truck, once this max limit has been established.If the tire for example the weak link, then the Dodge Engineers had to work off that number and work backwards. This is why club cab models handle approximately 400 lbs less cargo. It is still added weight over a regular cab, thus minimizing your overall capability.

Unfortunately, most of this information has become really hard to find in today’s world! Please click on the year of your truck below, and you will see the factory towing load information for your truck!