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1st Gen Beaver Gumball Machine


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We all know as 1st Gen enthusiasts that there isn’t much cool swag for our trucks. Well Beaver Gumball Machines stuck their neck out, and actually made something for our community!

This is an authentic Beaver Bubblegum machine that will sell gum, M&Ms, Skittles, Trailmix, etc for 25c coins! Put it in your living room, shop, garage, man cave, or anywhere else you have your truck memorabilia so you can have snacks and make money off your buddies when they visit! Fill it with gumballs, sell them all, and have $90 cash in the machine!

This is the real deal, officially licensed through FCA.

Machine is about 7 lbs and 16″ tall with a footprint of 8×8″. Also available with a 27″ tall stand for a few dollars more (and highly recommended!!) Yes, we have one here at the 1st Gen Industries office and can’t keep it full!

Gum not included.

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